Sounds Like An Earful’s Chris Postill is a master of deliberately crafted tone. Through his top notch graphic design, inventive sound engineering, precise editing, and thoughtful control of each to create cohesive themes, Sounds Like An Earful has become synonymous in my mind with consistent quality in the independent podcast landscape. He was the first person I thought of when I needed visual branding for a new podcast and he’d be my first call if I needed an editor, a new theme song, or any other piece of the podcast puzzle.

Justin Tyler

Song Spotters Music Discovery Podcast

Chris is someone with immense talent and I wanted to work with him as soon as I heard an episode of his podcast.

Chris has the technical skills and experience to make a podcast sound wonderful but what sets him apart is his passion for podcasting as an art form and that makes him a joy to work with.

He delivers high-quality work, meets deadlines and is a clear communicator.


Sleep With Me Podcast