Audio Services

One suite of services we offer here at Sounds Like An Earful focusses on audio. We offer editing services, we create original music and we consult on how to make your podcast sound great. Breakdowns and pricing can be found below.

Original Music

While we do offer some pretty great Creative Commons music over in our community section, sometimes you might need something more unique. If you are looking for a very specific sound, or an original theme/station ID – we do that. It is always good to discuss your exact needs and put together a pricing but to give you an idea our base cost for this service starts at $75/hour.


Editing is an incredibly variable aspect of podcast production. Some shows simply need the coughs and awkward silences removed, others can be much more complicated. Because of this, we are not able to offer flat-rate pricing for editing. Please get in touch to chat about your project.


Whether you are running into technical issues or just want to pick the brain of someone who has been putting together podcasts for a long time – we’re happy to chat. Our consultation fees start at $75/hour.

Branding Services

Half of the battle in the podcast world is making your show look as good as it sounds. Luckily, it turns out that a few of us here at the studio are pretty handy with design too.

We understand that a lot of podcasts are labours of love – trust us, we really do. That’s why we’ve found that offering a few levels of service in the branding department allowed us to help podcasters ranging from passionate startups to bigger-budget productions. Please note that the packages below are offered here only as benchmarks, we are happy to put together more accurate pricing estimates if your project has particular needs.


This package gets you a maximum of 3 hours design time. This allows us to put together a pro-looking logo in all the formats you need.

Bronze Packages begins at $150 CAD.


This package includes an enhanced logo design, supplied in all formats as well as a kit of artwork for all of your social media channels. iTunes artwork, Facebook timeline images, Twitter share images, you’ll get a whole kit that will make it easy to project a consistent brand across all channels.

Silver Packages begins at $500 CAD.


The gold package includes your logo, social media kit and…

A professionally designed PDF press kit that introduces everything press outlets need to know about you and your show. Also included is a PDF ‘brand guideline’ that lays out your brand colours, typefaces and rules so that any other designers can immediately understand and work with your brand in the future.

Gold Packages begins at $1200 CAD.