We offer services to good folks with good podcasts. If you are one of those, here’s how we might be able to help.

Audio Editing

We have a reputation around for producing some of the highest quality independent podcast content out there. We love tinkering with audio, telling stories in new ways and creating original music. If you want to step up your podcast’s game, we can help.

Music Production

You may have heard some of Christopher’s handiwork already – we’ve been creating theme music and interstitials for podcasts for a few years now. If you need a custom intro or even a full package of interstitials, we do that. You tell the stories, we’ll bring the music, everyone’s ears will benefit.

Web Design

Turns out that Christopher (the man behind who started this whole endeavor) spends his days at one of Canada’s top design firms. Your podcast doesn’t only need to sound good, it should look nice (trust us, it makes it a lot easier to on-board new listeners). We’ve got you covered here too.


Lastly, if you have the best idea for a podcast but want us to help pull the entire package together, we can put together a logo, brand guide, media kit and promotional materials. Put on your best face, make it sound good, it’ll be wicked.

Want to have a chat about how we can help?

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