Welcome To The Labs! This is where we make our own shows.

Our original podcasts…

Below you will find a listing of our original podcasts that we produce ourselves in-house at the Sounds Like An Earful studio. These podcasts are our labours of love so we hope you enjoy!

The Workshop

The Workshop takes listeners behind the scenes of everything we do here at Sounds Like An Earful. Hosted by Christopher, it chronicles the trials and tribulations of building a podcasting studio.


This is a show about doing things you might not normally do, and doing those things mostly on your own. A lot of people don’t really like to do things alone. That is sort of sad. Right now, whether you are old or young, strong or weak, introverted or extroverted – its alright to spend some time by yourself.


Gorbauuch is a fantasy podcast set in the Gorbauuch Arms Inn, a pub where the fire crackles, the food is hot, and the ale flows quick and true.

The Archives

Before Sounds Like An Earful was a studio, we produced a podcast by the same name. For three years, Christopher (the creator of S.L.A.E) and his best friend Colleen explored odd topics with doe-eyed curiosity. Well there is a lot in these archives that makes us cringe when we listen back, there is also a… Read more »