What is a ‘music kit’?

Music kits are the reason the S.L.A.E. Music Supply is different from other stock music marketplaces. As creators ourselves, we understand that just buying a ‘song’ doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need a song, as well as an ‘interstitial’, and a background loop that all fit together. Our kits include full pieces of music, as well as useful building blocks – all to make your job as an editor/creator/storyteller is a lot easier. No more abrupt cuts to get timing right, or looping non-seamless 10 second clips over and over. Our kits give you lots of pieces to play with so that you can focus on telling your story properly.

Who makes the music?

This music supply is independently run by Christopher Postill, a freelance audio engineer & designer. The foundry is not set up as a reseller, meaning that the music you buy here is unique to our site and made by Christopher and his musical collaborators. Buying music here means that you are not only getting unique sounds you won’t find anywhere else, but you are also directly supporting the artist making the music and allowing him to invest more in producing for the music supply.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. We try to be as transparent as possible so that you can be sure about your purchase before you checkout. Of course, we are more interested in this site being a community of creators – so we want you to be completely satisfied with spending your hard earned cash. If you’re in real dire straits and a music kit really isn’t working for you after your purchase – get in touch and we’ll do our best to work with ya!